• tracking service on home and appliance

    Make it easier to track appliance service. See examples below.

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What do we offer?

About Crafted By Ken

I started this business after creating an application out of frustration tracking things around the home and a small business.

For years, I used paper in a folder, then tried using a spreadsheet but I was only collecting information and could not find or organize anything let alone plan for service to be done.

I searched around for software to do this but didn't find anything besides software intended for larger businesses at a considerably higher price.

I decided it was time to fill the gap with my experience in software development and hopefully solve for others in the process.

The primary audience is someone who has up to 300 home products to track that wants a better solution than paper or a spreadsheet.

I look forward to helping you improve your current process for service and maintenance.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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